Father’s Day for me, Robert John Smith Jr has always been a reflection of my Dad, namely Robert John Smith Sr.  Both of us are very good looking men, which is better looking he would argue that point.  I love the fact that my dad chose to make me a junior.  I get to mirror all his great qualities and everyone expects that I should do it well.  

My tribute this Father’s Day will be “The Joy he brings his children.”  Needless to say we have not alway had happy times, but these pictures tell their own story.

This year has made me really thankful for having my Dad around because in October 2018 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer which sent the family in alert mode, fear mode. Suddenly the possibility of loss of this great man, my Dad, made us appreciate more what we had all along. I was glad part because I got to spend time with my Dad and resolve lifelong relationship differences. How great this opportunity to put life in a lens of what is really important. Dad has had a great and wonderful response to treatment and in early June 2019 he suffered a minor stroke. Life with Robert Sr has a rich turn for how my Dad and I relate to each other. I love my life and my ever changing relationship with my mirror-self, Robert John Smith Sr., Dad!

Robert Sr, Grandma Mollie (his Mom) and Robert Jr . May 2019

Robert Jr, Robert Sr, Aunt Verline and cousin Donnel. May 2019

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    1. Author

      Thank you! Dad thanks you too!

  1. I love the photographs in the background being part of these shots. Incorporating not just those present in the image, but all the love surrounding you as well.

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