Black and White Photo Challenge

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Shoes, Boots, Slippers–by-Kayleigh-Miller

My Boots
They sit in the corner .
Old and covered with dirt
Scuffed from toe to heel
And God knows how old they are.
When people look at them
They see just another pair of shoes,
But to me they are a memory .
Memories that I couldn’t forget .
Memories that have made me .
From the good to the bad
They were always by my side.
From the moment my old life started
To the day that life ended
To when I learned to be a man
To every rock’n’roll show in Georgia .
The family times they have been to.
From the beginning of new members.
The family bar-b-q’s with great foods.
The memories I wish I could forget.
From loosing friends to cancer
To seeing my friends move away for better
Those memories I wish I could forget, but remember anyway.
My boots my seem old
May seem so dang worn out
And maybe I mite need some new ones
But I hold on to those boots
So I can hold to those memories.
I couldn’t loose those things .
Even if a wanted to .
Those boots are a part of me .
Part of my life
But the best thing about them
Is that they will be with when the best times come to the light .

By Kayleigh Miller


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