Hello Kitty: All Teeth and Whiskers!

No, Boopers wasn’t having it! Don’t try to be friendly in the morning before he had a bite of his Friskies cat food. Or just maybe he was busy having a bad “hairball” day!

“Note to self!”

Self, don’t try to “pet” your pet cat when he is cranky! Did I have my first cup of coffee yet? Should I offer Boopers some?

In the background Benny says, “Just leave me out of this!”

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  1. Hahaha! You’ve got me laughing this morning. Oh the personalities our furbabies have!! So very cute. I bet Boopers would like a little cup of milk and cream in his coffee ;) Thank you for the smiles! ♥

    1. Author

      These two cats bring me joy!

    2. I can’t imagine why 😊 Just kidding of course! They are the most amazing friends and kids. Grateful you share them with me (and us!)

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