If you have been watching the news anywhere in the world this past week Hurricane Dorian has dominated the airwaves!

As I pointed out many times on my blog, I love to live in Historic Downtown Savannah, Georgia. This is true at most times except when a big old category 5 hurricane is forecasted for town!

So what do you do? Weather proof your apartment! Trees and wind breaking glass and rain water through windows was our greatest threat. We live on the second floor so flooding would not be an issue.

Tape those windows and add towels for leaks! We have 11 windows!Well we gotta have a view of them trees we are scared of.

Wait for the evacuation order, then get out of dodge! Atlanta, Georgia here we come!

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    1. Author

      Thanks! The worst has past!

  1. How did everything go? Praying that y’all are safe and sound and all is well. Dorian was something else! God bless everyone who has been absolutely devastated by such a powerful storm.

    Your apartment looks beautiful though :)

    1. Author

      We survived with just a little water from one window. Thanks for the compliment! We love our little apartment! Our slice of the world!

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