#Sunday Stills

Have You Found The Secret Of Old Items? #SundayStills

Driving down any Georgia State road and you will see them. Buildings cast off from civilization and left to decay. Left to tell a story of an earlier time…

Buildings from a not so distant past. Homes no longer lived in… Barns with no livestock and over grown with vines… Sheds collapsing on the side of the state highway.

Weathered barns and abandoned sheds. Old remnants of life that has been left behind as we moved to suburbs and condos. Now we are using garages and self-storage to lodge our possessions. These are the stories they tell.

For many falls and winters were the harvests gathered and fields plowed and those goods brought in through this door.

Generations upon generations lived here. The new mixed-use condos and luxury apartments sprang up and they move. Yet I remain. I ask the old structure… Where is your soul? Where are the tales of harsh winters and barren summers?

Left abandoned to suggest to those passing by in SUVs that the old way did not persist. Hey you! Stop here for just a moment to listen the wood creak and shutters that hang by a rusted hinge missing two screws.

I stop!

I… Listen!

I record with my camera the unspoken words written in decaying wood, broken glass and rusting metal.

Building here… did I not find a permanent place in time?

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  1. I loved exploring these old structures with you. But do not ask me to live in any of them.

    1. Author

      Most are move in ready! They just need a little fixer-upper spirit!

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