Six on Saturday

While strolling along a marina in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor on a crisp December morning, I happened upon a curious sight.

It seems a poor little red mitten had somehow lost its pair (significate other). I guess in an attempt to be reunited with its red counterpart, he took to the high ground atop a nearby pole.

Surely he would be seen. Surely he would be rescued and feel the warm hands he felt so many times before.

Alas! Discovery has been made! Not once but twice. Not what the red mitten wanted though.

Like Columbus in the new world, I noticed him atop that pole, limp as a rag. So as any helpful soul would do, I propped him up bold so all could see. That’s when I noticed that perhaps I had not been the first to find this red fellow. Beside him, almost too small to see, was a tiny black bug. (look closely! can you see him?)

Was he resting there or possibly seeking shelter from nature’s chilly morning? This could be the red mitten’s Jimmy Cricket, alongside as a surrogate partner encouraging him until reunification (left and right) has occurred.

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      Chilly morning make for good walks!

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