Guest blogger Neal Saye here again. I’m providing you with a quick update on the results of our Savannah neighborhood’s recent online Bathrobe Brunch. The original post:

And here’s the email from our ward captain announcing the results of the contest:

The votes are in!

Our email-in contest resulted in 31 ballots being cast. Both categories — Food & Drink and Attire — were hotly contested, and the winners in each squeaked by with just a single vote over the runners-up. So before I announce the winners, let’s give a shout-out to our fabulous runners-up. In the Food & Drink category, Debbra and Roger almost took home the Happy Meal for their finely designed McDonald’s themed spread. Then in the Attire category Robert Smith and Neal Saye almost snatched the candy cane in their matching snow man PJs with white dress shirts and PPE masks. Thanks to them and to all of our other contestants for a great BB IV celebration.

[Cue the awards music]
The winners of BB IV Best Food & Drink are the fashionable Robert Smith and Neal Saye for their delicious looking Andouille / Mushroom Holiday Skillet. We are all expecting to taste this delight at Bathrobe Brunch V. In the meantime, a bottle of bubbly will appear at their door.

[Cue the awards music]
The winners of BB IV Best Attire goes to Philip and Gary for their Spa Day brunch, which showed us all how to not stress out over our strange pandemic world. We are looking to them to reveal the contents of their very special masks at Bathrobe Brunch V. They can prepare with the bottle of bubbly that will appear on their porch.

Buddies Philip and Gary definitely stole the show with their oh-so-healthy, vegetably morning beverage and equally healthy and youth-producing facial treatments. (And, seriously, any photo with Old Bay in it is a winner to me.)

On to a more normal Bathrobe Brunch 2021!

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