So, husband Robert (Robertsnapspot) and I live in beyond-beautiful Historic District Savannah, Georgia, just off Washington Square (the northeast-most of our city’s 22 unique squares). One of the joys of where we live is the neighborhood. For example, each Friday evening finds the residents congregating in the square for a spirited time of weekly catching up, “Fancy Friday” it has come to be known.

And one of the oh-so-fun annual events is our spring Bathrobe Brunch, when we dress in pajamas, bathrobes, kimonos, etc. in honor of a former neighbor who used to sit in the square in (only) his bathrobe, doing business from his cordless phone.

A few pics of us and buddies from previous terrific Bathrobe Brunches:

This year, of course, we were forced to cancel last weekend’s event because of the virus. But our inimitable ward captain came up with a brilliant solution. Nancy’s emailed instructions: “So here is the plan. This Sunday dress up in your best PJ’s, bathrobe, caftan or lounge wear and make yourself a delicious brunch. Take a photo of yourself/yourselves in your nightwear and a photo of what you are eating or drinking. Be creative because you can win a bottle of bubbly.”

Well, that sounded like a fun plan to us. So off to work we went. Okay, maybe off to work I WENT, while Robert played video games. Until picture taking time arrived–then he got to work. These are our food pictures with the accompanying caption:

“Extended sheltering-in-place has us time-wise confused. Surely it’s Christmas by now? Assuming so, we seasoned Neal’s mom’s old cast iron, Robert casseroled his famous Andouille/Mushroom Holiday Skillet, and we Yuled the morn.”

Robert’s casserole really was scrumptious, not to mention the honey and blueberry biscuits.

And the pics of ourselves, along with the caption/narrative:

“Though the stockings remained unseasonably empty, the mimosa beakers were safely filled, as Robert and Neal Noeled the 4th … Holiday Bathrobe Brunch.”

We certainly missed the camaraderie of being with our joyful neighbors on this 2020 Bathrobe Brunch Sunday. It just wasn’t the same. But sometimes, perhaps, when it can’t be the same, not being the same can end up being a (temporary) Festive Joy.

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  1. I was almost bummed out that we were not “bathrobe branching” this year but Neal’s mind was working a way to make this fun and humorous. Of course in made it delicious! Good eats!

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