Kinda Juicy: Sun Ripened Tomatoes

Remember back with me if you can, when grandma would have those delicious, juicy tomatoes straight off the vine (from her garden) and place them in kitchen window to ripen.

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Makes you want a cool tomato sandwich right now!

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  1. lol I have some lovely vine-ripened tomatoes from the farmers market this morning … may well have some sliced on toast tonight :)

  2. hee hee I became a grandma for the first time this year, and guess what I have ripening on my windowsill!!

    1. Author

      How wonderful! I’m a grandpa to 9 loving grandkids! Enjoy them and those tomatoes 🍅

    2. oh wow nine, how amazing. You look far too young to have 9!

  3. ooh have a feeling I am still disappearing into spam!

    1. Author

      No I see them, I’m just slow getting them answered.

  4. Left two comments this morning, and they have not appeared so suspect I am still going into spam . . .so just thought i’d try as an experiment a comment left via reader. Hopefully this will work – great square btw

    1. Author

      I’ll check the spam collector

  5. My summer is made or destroyed by the availability of true vine ripened tomatoes.

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