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“We must go out and vote like we never, ever voted before… Speak up! Get in the way! Get in good trouble, necessary trouble… We must use the vote as a nonviolent instrument, a tool, to redeem the soul of America.”

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  1. Hi, Robert –
    It seems that you have been blogging for some time, but so has your nam-brother in Australia. You are both using ‘Robert’ and that will from time to time create difficulties and misunderstandings. I don’t know it the WP-system is at fault here, but if possible, it would be a help to all if you added a couple of initials or something. You ar now both followers of mine, and it would be easier on all if we knew who we were talking to, don’t you think?

    1. Author

      I will look into changing mine. Thanks for pointing that out. 👍🏾

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