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1 – 04 – 2021

So last night I was eating at a local outdoor restaurant when a vehicle pulled up to park. What was this lighted sign saying? I had to get up and investigate.

A wonderful group from Atlanta, Georgia was in Savannah encouraging the locals down here to vote the midterm runoff election slated for January 5th. We spoke for a moment because like us they came to chow down (or eat up) after a long day.

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Your Absentee Ballot Has Been Accepted! 12/08/2020. Your absentee ballot has been accepted! Your vote has been counted!

Done!! Your turn!

Stand Up! Mask Up! Vote!

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  1. Really hope all goes to plan tomorrow – such a big vote.

    PS and fabulous squares

  2. by jove your election system is absolutely confusing! Where is the democracy if the initial count isn’t honoured? Why all these added votes?

    Frankly sounds like a total waste of time and money to me …

    1. Author

      After the election past November, There was two Senate seats for Georgia (where I live) that neither canidate made over 50% to win outright. So by law there must be a runoff election to determine the winner. And yes our democracy is ery confusing at this time. So folk (not naming them) don’t want count other votes (2.5 mil) of that have been counted 4 times, verified 4 times.

    2. oh my what a quagmire, no wonder you needed to vote … really appreciate the explanation!

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