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Well fellow bloggers both foodies and photogs, you have caught me with one of my weekly guilty pleasures.

Where can you find @robertsnapspot on any given Saturday morning? I’ll tell you. Big Bon Bodega. They make the best variety of bagel sandwiches. Wood fired bagels! What! Who knew such a thing even existed let alone that you could buy one or a dozen?

Search Instagram for #bigbonbodega. See that I’m not making this up. It’s more than a breakfast/lunch hangout, more like a community watering hole where all are invited!

Every Saturday, come rain or shine there is always a line. Yes! A socially distanced line. Bike there, drive there, heck even Uber there. You can order online and skip the line. Not your “cup of tea”? The line awaits. Many folks from the neighborhood walk up and enjoy their deliciousness while sauntering back home through the hip midtown area full of life waking up. Take a seat at the nearby park. Your choice.

I’m sorry did I make you hungry? Are you now jonesing for a bagel sized, hand held culinary delight? Well you know where to be next Saturday.

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  1. Big Bon Bodega—it’s just a wonderful place to gather, connect, and of course eat.

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