No more regular sized ships – Supercargo

1 – 13 – 2021

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The Savannah River has been deepened to 47 feet from starting depth of “40” (supersized) for the newest, largest container ships would be able to dock in our port. I happen to live a mere two block from the Savannah River and daily at any hour I hear those ship captains blow the horn signaling new container ship headed in to port. On September 18, 2020, this morning was not the usual. No! A supercargo was coming into port! Did I mention it was the largest ever accepted in our port?

I looked up the ship registry online. (I bet you didn’t know that could be done!) The ship was supposed to be headed in at 9am. Needless to say at 8:10 am we hear the ship horns blaring and as we rush to River Street we find out the many Savannahians were already lined up to watch.

Made just in time and got a video too!

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  1. Good thing they don’t try the Rio Grande. It’s only ankle to knee deep up here right now.

  2. That certainly is supersized! We have them coming in and out of the JaxPort regularly now too. Our channel was widened and deepened many years ago. We see them all the time when we head to the beach. That ship came into your port as the largest on my birthday! Happy Birthday to me….LOL! Really nice photos, Robert! :)

    1. Author

      Happy (after your) Birthday Lisa! Thank you for your words, I’m working on my photography.

    2. Thanks that was so long ago. I just found it interesting the date the first large freighter came into town. So glad you are working on your photography. I work on my everyday. I’m going through archives and I can see the difference from 15 years ago to now. Plus I have a much better camera and lens than I had back then too. :)

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