Where else would you find a goat?

1 – 28 – 2021

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Let me start by saying this is not Historic Downtown Savannah, Georgia! No goats on momma’s table!

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To see this curious sight you have to do some traveling. Jimmy Carter National Historic Site, Boyhood Farm, Plains, Georgia. Yes, that was a ways from home, but Neal and I wanted to see the National Park dedicated to a President that was native of Georgia. (We are National Parks nerds!) One thing we really enjoy about traveling while retired, most of the time no one is around and you get an actual historic site all to yourself!

So when you drive up to the farm and turn off the highway, you have to park walk to different areas with markers telling the history of happenings on the family farm. Straightway on the path you see this!

Of course this is not the full story or all the pictures, but I sure did have a hoot when I saw them goats! One was shy and would run then hide as we got closer. Later I would look back and see him take up his favorite position. These goats were used to being up off the ground!

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  1. awww this are such lovely goats – and sounds like a great retirement plan visiting the national parks

    1. Author

      We’d like to visit them all and have been privileged to travelogue every national park in Georgia.

    2. How fabulous. I really hope you achieve that goal!

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