Six Word Saturday, you pick the title because I sure did pick the correct destination.

Most of the time I am really happy to tell anyone that I live in Historic Downtown Savannah, Georgia. One particular holiday makes me change my tune. Saint Patrick’s Day! Downtown becomes a nightmare to residents living there as hundreds of thousands of visitors try to pack themselves into this area. Most notably those living along the parade route which happens to pass directly in front of our door.

What better way to escape the throngs of green clad, mostly drunk enthusiasts than to hit the highways and spend the day in the swamps of Georgia! Okefenokee Swamp Park here we come!

Such a glorious day! We got a heavy dose of green from Mother Nature’s various plants!

Oh yeah! There were alligators! As this sign clearly stated. Even a bright orange sign in the restroom warned: “We have no fake alligators on the property nor any fake alligators positioned anywhere in the swamp. All alligators are real even if they appear to be motionless” Do not approach them!

Savannah’s green fountains were no competition to the swamp’s black waters teaming with life!

I made a little friend! Sadly he can’t come home with us.

A marvelous boat tour, a Animals of the Swamp hands-on exhibit and train ride were well worth the ride to Waycross, Georgia.

Up close with the wildlife. Children were amazed and loved holding various animals.

Look closely and see his long body under the water!

This male alligator affectionately named “Crazy” decided to “sun” on a bank a few feet from our car.

No, Crazy, you can’t return to Savannah with us!

Yes it’s true, I survived the swamp and Saint Patrick’s Day! I wonder… Where we will we go next year?

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