Throwback Thursday – Photography 101: Home,  Day One

When I think of home, I think of a place where you give love and it comes right back to you. Nothing says this to me more than my two cats.  Benny and Boopers.  They are Siamese cats.  One’s a blue point, and the other is a seal point.  Both are boys because boy cats are very loyal.  These guys are always there first thing in the morning, calling through the bedroom door.  “Meow, Meow!  Wake up, wake up!  It’s time to feed us.”  After a long day at work, they greet me at the door. “Meow, Meow!  Hurry up, Hurry up! It’s time to feed us.”  Wait a minute… is that love or hunger?  Well even when I get up early, I find my cats really just wanted to get into my room (their room) and climb into my bed (their bed, no, its really theirs) they just let me sleep there.

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The couch, the rugs, my office chair really belong to Benny and Boopers.  They can be found “cat-nappin” everywhere.  On window seals and stretched out on  the bare hardwood floors.  If I sit in one place too long, it is a signal that it’s cat-in-lap time.  They do not hesitate.  At night when I’m in my home office at the computer, Benny will sit at my side or at my feet just staring up. Then he will pounce into my lap, my arms or go straight for my shoulders where he will make residence.  It doesn’t matter what I was working on, this is Benny-time.  People say cats are needy, that they need a lot of attention.  Truth is that I need all that attention they give.  So yes, you will see them grace the lens of my camera from time to time,  for I need that reminder, that with them there is no place like home.  When I think of home, I think of Benny and Boopers giving me love, and I get to return their love.

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