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A week before, I got a letter

from my old Great Aunt.

It read: “Of course, I’ll understand

completely if you can’t,

But if you find you have some time,

how wonderful if we

Could have a little chat

and share a cup of Christmas tea.”


Neal and I like to celebrate this holiday reading together but a few years ago we invited many of our friends over for a festive evening of merriment and mirth. Neal introduced the story to all and as family gatherings of old, he read, rather theatrically, “A Cup of Christmas Tea” by Tom Hegg.

I have asked Neal (of famed blog to read for us, “A Cup of Christmas Tea”. A skilled orator and writer of creative fiction of a local writers group, The Incandescent Quill. My request, theatrically read, if he would like. Ha.

Pull a chair, listen to this holiday classic with me. Ah, listen, Christmas past “intact”.

In honor of our little tradition, our good friend and next door neighbor, Vivian blessed Neal and me with a part of her family’s china tea set. What an amazing surprise and gift!

Now go get a cup, find a saucer (do they still make them?), have a slice of homemade fruit cake (store bought is fine too) and welcome Christmas in your heart.

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      I think great aunt loves it too!

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