2 – 2 – 2022

Well friends Omicron has reared it ugly head at our door. Jan 17 precise. What looked to be night fevers with five days quarantine turned into a Feb 1, ER stay with a full medical work up. No family members allowed. Very stressed, unable to breathe. Unable to walk a few feet. Things didn’t look well for this photoblogger. I struggle with an overactive immune system and take pills for that. Omicron did a number my lungs, pneumonia in both lungs. Good news, great nurse Allison and ER Dr Spencer kept me from full emotional devastation.

I got a present. So for the next few weeks I have a big oxygen tank with enough hose to travel my apartment.

I have decided take short break from blogging, occasionally I’ll comment or connect. I have no breath nor energy. Walking and moving is almost impossible. I get home health visits and respiratory check ins.

I love my Daily Square family. Hope to get back to blogging soon. See soon all my Squarefriends!

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  1. fantastic :-) can anyone resist going here on a NYC visit?!!

  2. “Our bodies know how to be well and are always moving toward wellness.” May yours be ALL WELL soon.

  3. I hope you’re feeling better soon, Robert. The virus works in some mysterious ways. Take care.

    1. Author

      Thank you Graham! I’m slowly on the mend!

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