2 – 15 – 2022

In 2019, Neal and I spent some time traveling back and forth to Baltimore, Maryland as I was helping care for my father after a diagnosis of prostate cancer. I grew up in Baltimore but never really explored certain areas. We chose the Fells Point area from an Airbnb search. One day walking the neighborhood we passed the Wolfe Street Academy, a children’s school with an odd sculpture in front.

Wolfe Street Academy, Fells Point, Baltimore, Maryland.

In the book, Outdoor Sculpture in Baltimore, The Historical Guide to Public Art in the Monumental City, author Cindy Kelly states, “The audience for this sculpture being so young, James Paulson took his original idea from children’s literature, especially the books of Dr. Seuss. He began with the notion of the family dog that walked the children to school each day and then waited outside the school building until the school day was over and the children came out again. The dog morphed into a gentle prehistoric kind of creature large enough to actually transport the children to school on his back.  The bronze creature shown arriving at school with three children stacked across his back is friendly. This very awkward and mysterious creature has wheels that appear to aid in his mobility, but clearly his movement would be slow and deliberate. The creature seems to struggle for his balance as he teeters on the cement-capped brick base at the front door of the school. Paulson did not title his sculpture. He wanted to leave that task to the students.”

Sculpture: Peely Wheely, 1973 Sculptor: James Paulson

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