Tuck Everlasting and the Umbrellas

Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge: Pick From Photo, Umbrella

Grandson Daniel, a young Savannah actor and singer, a few summers ago got to be part of the Southern Summer Theatre Institute (SSTI) performance of Tuck Everlasting. A play adapted from the 2002 Disney movie of the same title. It was performed at Hilton Head High School, on Hilton Head Island, just over the bridge from Savannah. Because it was so close being “Granddads”, Neal and I got to pick Daniel drop him off, hang out for a while at HHI and attended two evening performances.

Did I mention that Daniel was in middle school performing in a High School Summer play that he had to audition for? Did I mention that high school students from all over southeastern coast had to audition? Ok, last one. Did I mention that the SSTI’s Ben Wolfe (producer) brought in New York Broadway director and choreographer Joe Barros? Yea, look him up (instagram).

All the designs on the umbrellas were hand painted by actors!

The play focuses on the what is “gained” or “lost” by having eternal life while time moves forward with everyone else. Colorful umbrellas are the backdrop of the beautiful story and set. They are used to symbolize the passage of time: youth, adulthood, love, marriage, life and death. Umbrellas and passed from person to person and black umbrellas denote death.

This picture was not take by Robertsnapspot.com by was edited in Adobe Lightroom by me.

Daniel’s character is the son to one other brothers who never age. But he nor his mother doesn’t get the gift and they too die.

Tuck, a family-friendly musical, centers on a girl who stumbles across a fountain of youth, a spring whose waters offer eternal life. Amid singers and dancers with twirling umbrellas and a musical score with Scottish echoes reminiscent of Brigadoon, eleven-year-old Winnie yearns for a life beyond the confines of Treegap and runs off to see a traveling fair. Along the way she encounters a family, now stuck in time after imbibing the eternal life-giving waters, as well as her nemesis––Man in the Yellow Suit, a villainous carnival worker plotting to sell bottled immortality.

A Glimpse of the Magic Behind SSTI’s Tuck Everlasting
by Carolyn Males

Even the villain gets his own yellow (golden) umbrella ensemble.

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