June 19, 2022: Happy Fathers Day, Birthday, Juneteenth to Me!

Happy birthday to me! Like I said in a previous post, several other events also occur on the 19th of June. Well for starters, Father’s Day. It has always been in orbit of of my birthday. Which usually means, friends and even family (sometimes especially, mostly, family) seem to remember one or the other event to celebrate.

Last year Juneteenth became a recognized federal holiday. I’m not entirely how we should celebrate or honor the day slavery ended with the current climate of hate and institutionalized policies embedded in our country against POC (people of color). I now share this holiday on my birthday too.

Not to mention this being Pride Month. Yeah for Me!

One thing that really made me feel good was a text message my son Tavares sent to me yesterday:

It made me chuckle, feel good and think “Now I see Tavares understands!”

If anyone knows of any other holidays that want to join in on the 19th of June, tell them to hurry up before I get to old to recognize them. Ha!

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  1. Happy birthday! My mom who we miss is also on the nineteenth of June. A lovely time of year indeed.

    1. Author

      Thank you Jerry! I hope you are able to keep honoring her memory during this time of year!

    1. Author

      Thank you Linnie! I too love the beauty of this picture!

  2. Sunday really was all about you, Robert! ; ) Progenitor, Arrival on planet earth, gay Black man stands with pride ready to be celebrated! Congratulations!

    1. Author

      Yes Rebecca, for once I could say “It was all about me!” I hope to do that again next year, fingers crossed. Ha ha.

    2. Yes, the dates are close, father’s day will be on 6/18. Your birthday, Juneteenth and Pride Month will be unchanged : )

    3. Author

      Father’s Day is never far off, neither are my kids! Ha Ha!

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