Gay Men Love Martha Stewart and My Fresh Herbs Asparagus Quiche

What is Robert Cooking?

Pie baking time!

So is quiche a pie? Yes, darlings, quiche is a pie. A quiche is a savory dish made with eggs, cream, and cheese that is baked in a pastry crust.  Easily served as a breakfast, brunch or dinner meal. While in high school I took culinary arts and we had a little cafe open on Tuesdays and Thursdays. One of our main dish specialities was quiche! I mean really… who could resist this buttery, flaky goodness.

That was many years ago so I enlisted the help of a cooking pro, the boss of bosses, powerhouse Martha Stewart! Remember she helped me out a while back with the best french toast recipe.

Martha had lots to say on the subject of baking and I was ready.

First important step lactose free!

I could just take those “lactose” pills but I really wanted this to be meal I enjoyed, so of course we had to make a few “lactose free” substitutes, but I don’t think Martha would mind.

Blind bake the buttery crust, fill the golden shell. Lightly top with chopped chives, fresh dill and parsley. I decided to add some asparagus tips I had in the fridge.

The herbs just settle in place, then into the oven and bake.

Yes I must say… Martha would be proud! Ok, how about the gays? Neal seemed quite pleased with my creation especially because he didn’t have to labour in a hot kitchen. Verdict: He loved every bite!

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  1. Neal is a lucky guy to be on the devour side of your culinary style bruh, seriously that looks good

    1. Author

      Thanks Matt! There are days though when My culinary skills loss the his anxiety struggles. More great food posts on the horizon!

  2. Looks delicious. I love quiche. Have to keep mine gluten free (gluten intolerant, meet lactose intolerant) and find a way to avoid the carb-loaded crust (some of us don’t have your dashing figure, you know.)

    1. Author

      I’m sure google search will find the perfect recipe for you! Someone always has substitute for every recipe item.

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