Fruitful Mornings: Martha Stewart’s Oven French Toast

What is Robert Cooking?

Good morning! What’s on my plate?

How about putting fruit into your French toast, well that’s what Martha Stewart did. And you can not argue with Martha, she is just too gracious and nice. And she knows how to cook!

One of my favorite morning dishes is French toast! Covered with butter and dusted with pretty powered sugar. Neal does not share my fancy of the delight mainly because most french toast served is too moist… wet!

Martha fixes this flaw by oven toasting the toast. Yes! I never thought of that.

So where is this fruit you speak of Robert? Well, there is the zest of an orange and the juice of have an orange but the best thing Martha Stewart is known for is she does not shy away from cooking with alcohol, yes liquor! Orange liquor. Don’t you have some lying around? I had to make a trip our favorite beverage store to pick up some Grand Marnier Liqeuer, Pairs. The recipe said so! Oh this will up your street credit at the next family brunch!

“I’m sure in your liquor cupboard you have some orange flavored liquor.”

– Martha Stewart

I had to reduce the quantity for just two people but that was no problem. Very easy recipe and into the oven.

Neal’s photo, iPhone 13


Breakfast is the perfect time to get a little fruit in you!

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      Very fun channeling “Martha Stewarts’” cooking skills.

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