Love and kindness, hope and community, goodness.

11 – 29 – 2022

Celebrating “WalkingSquares” challenge.

On Sunday morning past before service began, I found myself drawn towards our beautiful church courtyard. Gorgeous flowers, bird fountain with seating nearby and a memorial bench in honor of a beloved Asburian who gave much devotion to the church.

On days when the weather is nice members gather outside instead of our social hall after church.

There is peace and quiet being surrounded by such beauty!

One part of the draw, the leading into this courtyard is The Sculptures. Happy figures dancing, delighting, together in the spirit.

My artwork expresses Love and kindness, hope and community, goodness.

Artist Kirsten Engstrom

Our church Asbury Memorial Church, very much believes in the creative arts and theatre in ministry, so it seems perfect to find these sculptures here.

I asked my beloved pastor, Revered Billy Hester about how they came to be in our court yard.

I saw them on the grounds at the Chautauqua Institution in upstate New York, and fell in love with them. The sculptor Kirsten Engstrom, lived there, but we found out that she spent her Winters in Melrose, Florida, so we got her to make them for us. We went down to Gainesville and picked them up.

We certainly wanted them in a place where they were very visible so a lot of people could enjoy them.
We liked the spirit of joy and praise that they convey.
We also liked that it’s hard to tell if they were men or women – black or white – just seemed to be a mixture of everything.

Billy Hester

The pastor and his family have often taken trips to the Chautauqua Institution, a community of artists, educators, thinkers, faith leaders and friends dedicated to exploring the best in humanity. 

The artist, Kirsten Engstrom was featured at Mossman Hall, Mossman Home Preservation Foundation, Melrose, Florida. I hope you will enjoy her short video.

See you soon all my Squarefriends!

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      The artist is also very cool and interesting.

    1. Author

      Indeed. The courtyard is actually open to the public during the day hours.

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