Mornings in a town with various coffee spots, Neal and I wanted to get out the “home-office-coffee-wing-back-chair” routine.

We set out to sit and sip at new coffee roastery only to drive and find they were “closed today”. I did use Apple Maps but didn’t actually read the displayed info.

“Where to now?” Neal asked

PERC Coffee! Perfect!

A cool example of urban reclaimed warehouse space, I love the beauty of this place!

Immediately, the aspects of lighting on counter tops, vintage windows and angles on walls filled my mind! Ok! Enough of that Robert!

We were here for coffee after all.

Mine, The Good Times Latte made with delicious habanero sugar, a jolt ⚡️, to start the morning. Neal, a cup of classic drip (Boring!).

Come on! Live a little!

Nice cup though!

On the menu, “WAFFLE” caught my eye.

The maple sweet roll Neal ordered and then later confessed was bit too wet (for him)and he really prefers regular iced version.

I totally was digging this space, this morning! My mind… Saw photographs everywhere! Hip tunes playing, eclectic people in cool conversation, java and waffles made for a delightful “out-the-office” morning.

Ok, back to blogging!

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