In April Neal and I finished visiting the last of Georgia’s State Park and Historic Sites on our list. Yes! They are all done! 49 State Parks and 26 Historic Sites (includes Historic Areas or Partner Attractions).

Well you’d think we park the car and stay home awhile.

So what’s next?

What to do…? What to do…!

Well, I just might have an idea about that!

As we were checking into our cabin at Seminole State Park’s Welcome Center, Neal learned of a relatively new program (well new to us), actually two. Take Flight and the Farm Passport.

Photo from the FarmBureau website

The Farm Passport, offered by Georgia Farm Bureau, helps participants discover more of Georgia than ever before, supporting Georgia farmers and buying food directly from the source. The farms are all different in what they grow or offer.

I got mine! What are you waiting for? Get yours!

The Farm Passport, a guide to discover Georgia, support local farms and experience fresh food. With passport in hand, the guide takes you all across the state (already down that, Ha!) to see the diversity of agriculture Georgia offers.

The Farm Passport features over 90 farms included in Georgia Farm Bureau’s Certified Farm Markets program, which was created to help people discover where their food comes from, to meet the farm families who grew the food, and create lasting memories with loved ones as they travel the state.

Let’s head to the farm! And do what you ask?

🤝 🤝 🤝 Shake the hand of a farmer.

🍦 🍦🍦 Enjoy farm churned ice cream.

🚙 🚗 🚙 Travel an unpaved road.

🍓 🫐 🍑 Eat fruit you picked straight from the vine or tree.

🌽 🍅 🥕 Walk between rows of vegetables.

🐐 🐖 🐓 Pet a farm animal.

🌱 🌱 🌾 Plant a seed.

🌻 🚜 👩‍🌾 Go on a wagon ride.

😱 🤯 🧐 Purposely learn 3 new things.

I guess we will see you at the farm, laters!

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      Tasting fruit you pick, priceless!!!

  1. What a terrific post. I’m so looking forward to … the farms!’

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