A portrait captures a moment that’s gone forever, they are impossible to reproduce. Street Photography: We Love Charlie. My goal in this series is to create a really awesome frame of this person existing because they allowed me time to share their world. 

Emmet Park, Savannah. Truly the most enjoyable portrait session I have so far has been stumbling across a little VW van parked in Emmet Park one morning.  First of all, this vintage Volkswagen van caught my I and delight before I even met the wonderful couple unloading the bright red radio fly wagon.  I could not resist, i had move in for a close up.  

Making a restful pitstop in Savannah on their way from Asheville, NC were Nashville, Tennessee residents, Jen and Brett.  They were on an extended vacation. Savannah was a must see on the travel list.  This was Jen’s first time in our beautiful city, (Welcome to Savannah Jen!) so of course I rattled off the favorite spots to hit.  

Hiding out in the van was their long time companion (14 years old Beagle) Charlie. Charlie was an old soul with more character than most folks you’ll ever meet. Charlie had lost his sight in both eye several years ago, but Jen sometimes swears she thinks he can still se around any obstacle. His chariot was the glorious radio flyer wagon parked nearby.  I quickly saw Charlie was my way to morph the friendly conversation into a park portrait session. I believe the outcome of this meeting created new friends, and a stellar set of portraits for the blog.  

 Jen and Brett seemed like kindred souls and later joined us in Washington Square for our weekly Fancy Friday gathering where they met the local community that make up Washington Ward. I didn’t have my camera to capture their arrival, Charlie it tow, riding in his little red chariot as in a parade.  Needless to say Charlie was a hit! Like many other travelers that come our way, Brett and Jan were welcomed, embraced as family and given the long standing invitation to return to our loving Square, community and city.


So when ever you have the opportunity, be kind to strangers because they may just be your closest friends. Jen, Brett, and Charlie, park your VW van here anytime, you all have a place here in our hearts.


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