A portrait captures a moment that’s gone forever; they are impossible to reproduce. Street Photography: Isle of Hope Art and Music Fest. My goal in this series is to create a really awesome frame of people existing because they allowed me time to share their world.

Savannah is a happening town!  Every other week there is a Jazz Fest or Film Fest and this weekend was no exception.  The community turned out in droves for the Isle of Hope Art and Music Fest. Another example of people coming together for a common good. Artists of every kind, food trucks, and live local music on a bandstand. With interesting people all around and camera in hand, I look for the invitation.

A couple of festival goers enjoying the day. That cool mustache! He walks by once, then twice, then again as I’m waiting at the Irish Food truck. Well I would certainly call that an invitation, so I ask for the privilege of taking a portrait. They smile and agree.

I told you the mustache was cool!

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