A portrait captures a moment that’s gone forever; they are impossible to reproduce. Street Photography: Pikachu Snow Day. My goal in this series is to create a really awesome frame of people existing right then because they honored me time to share their world.

You know, everyone deserves a snow day! Even in the south. Atlanta and snow! A day to stay home and relax. The next morning, flurries, snow on tree limbs and brilliant sun beams reflecting off white rooftops and porches.

“Where am I?”, I ask myself as I step out onto a snow and slush covered Main Street, downtown Roswell, Georgia. Like a scene straight out of a Normal Rockwell painting. small town America. Couples holding hands, a lady clad in scarf and cute boots walking a golden retriever and across the street a group of college friends tossing snowballs while diving over a frosty camilla bush.

Then, no lie, there was a man walking up and down Main Street with a shovel. He stopped at each house and each business to clear a path for others to travel safely on.

Charged by the crisp morning air and exhilarating energy with camera in hand, I proceeded to greet Roswellians with a smile and an invitation to grace the lens for my blog. Approaching towards me along the freshly cleared sidewalk, was like none other than my Pokémon Go best bud, Pikachu! “I’m luv’n that cap Pikachu!”, “may I take a pic?”

With an electric smile to match his mythical personality, he allowed me to “capture” him in the moment as long as I promised not hold him in a Pokemon ball.

I love snow days!

Me lining up the iPhone shoot.

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  1. When snow comes in the South, it changes us all into otherness.

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