I love when I look at another blogger’s post and remember, “Somewhere I took a photograph that speaks to this idea or the subject portrayed here.”

While visiting my family in Baltimore, Maryland in May of 2017, my husband and I found ourselves in an area of town I had not explored in over 30 years. Fells Point, Inner Harbor, Baltimore. I can tell you this was not the rundown part of town from my memories.

Picture of you will… huge glass hotels, cafes and beautifully restored homes and condos lined the renovated piers. Residents’ doors and gates had fantastic harbor views! Water taxies docked near French bakeries, art galleries with doors open, joggers pushing baby carriages sauntered by as children tossed their breakfast croissants to ducks riding on rippled currents.

And there in the center of all this… a waterfall slowly babbling, bubbling a hypnotic path down from a gleaming golden flame-like monument portraying the struggle of persecuted Russian nationalist that was only placed there, I believe, to allow us opportunity to slow down, wind down and feel the “Awe” of the moment!


Post inspired by: Once A Day Photos

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