A portrait captures a moment that’s gone forever; they are impossible to reproduce. Street Photography: Chrome Java Joe. My goal in this series is to create a really awesome frame of people existing right then because they honored me time to share their world.

I found myself walking through eclectic Inman Park after having a great experience at Revolution Donut (will review in another post) and like any good photographer my eye was ready.

The appeal of this part of town was its walking and biking paths, renovated warehouses, craft foods, repurposed iron works, graffiti-laden walls and historic homes and businesses, It would not be hard to get my next subject in front of my lens.

Like in many neighborhoods and cities, the coffee houses seem to be making a comeback. It was no different here in Inman Park. Yellow Chrome Coffee and Trading Goods. Local folks gather for free Wi-Fi and the aroma of various roasted coffee beans and pastries. Snapping a couple of shots then panning right to a beautiful wall stroked and sprayed in vibrant colors, I almost missed Joe.

Joe, wearing black, was standing against a grey wall, Grey cup in hand, the look on his face was contentment or quiet introspection as he peered at the same graffitied tablo I had noticed before him. Now his name wasn’t Joe but using coffee as literary reference, Joe fit and I thought I needed to capture this guy. Not being as bold as the tiny cup of espresso he held I introduced myself.

I need to remember to always have a business card on hand. Looking back at the moment, I could have done a lot with the subject and camera but I’m happy Joe let me share his caffeinated morning.

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