A Photo A Week Challenge with the topic: Out of This World.

Not too long ago during my travels to Atlanta, I decided to explore another area unknown to me. Amazing small towns with historic downtowns and hip neighborhoods are all the rage now. I wandered into what appeared to be a public meeting space, city center, Duluth, Georgia. Why here? My eyes were strangely drawn to a towering structure placed for all to see. As if it were a craft that descended and hovered there waiting for an audience.

Upon closer examination, I could make out colors and shapes the whirled and spun in the morning sun light. Almost hypnotic in its pull I seemed to make out an… eye?

No two.. there was another looking straight up.

Against the brilliant blues of sky I felt captivated, captured by the solar assault on my senses and the reminder of the reason I was told to travel to Duluth in the first place.

A kaleidoscope of sun beams burst into streams of dancing photonics hues held me then a tap on my shoulder…

Neal asked, “What’s the deal Robert?”, “It’s just an art sculpture!”

“Thanks for ruining my Sci-Fi small town, twilight zone moment!”, I thought. It could be a vast conspiracy about aliens planning to take over Earth or too much sugar and an overdose of syrup at breakfast! Please check the tabloid magazines at the grocery checkout and leave a comment if you read about “UFO sighting in Duluth”. The truth is out there!

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