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A few years ago my sisters, mother and I planned a surprise 70th birthday party for my father. He had said how good it would be to have all his children home at one time. Ok, maybe this might be a logistical challenge. We lived in different states and juggled varying schedules with work and children. So behind the scenes over the next year we texted, called, and Facebook messaged each other. Up until the week before the surprise Dad had no idea.  Well that was when I called home and wanted to talk to mom before talking to him first.  Red flags went up in his curious mind. Fast thinking on mom’s part saved the day.

We planned to get all siblings into one room with family members in tow.

Dad was told he would be treated to his favorite seafood restaurant by mom for his birthday.  Everyone parked a distance from the restaurant so Dad would not recognize our cars, thus giving away the surprise.

Neal and I  arrived early, followed my sisters.

It was a family reunion! Hugs, laughters and joy!  Then the restaurant staff notified us the birthday boy was in the building. Sadly, one sister Danyelle, could not make it.


The look on dad’s face priceless!  Smiles flooded the room. Stories of love, changes since we were kids, new jobs, retirements and sheer happiness passed around the family table. Lots of hearty laughs reverberated throughout the private banquet room shared by the Smith clan. After dinner and a great time the loving children of Robert Sr told him a bit of fiction.  We said because we traveled so far that we had to leave early the next morning. Still revealing in the togetherness we were experiencing, everyone began to hug and kiss each other goodbye.  The truth was the next day we planned for the extended family, Dad’s brother, sister and mother to be at Tiffany’s house for part two of the celebration. Dad had no clue.

Ha! Surprise again!

Great great grandmother, great grandparents, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, sisters, brother (me), wives, husbands, fiancées, cousins. Five generations in one place, celebrating togetherness!

The best day ever!


  1. Precious and beautiful :) Our best wishes to your parents. It was good to see the smiles :)

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