Saturday morning. The sameness of other Saturdays for me but not for countless women runners taking to the streets of Savannah!

My usual trek back from the farmer’s market through Forsyth Park was intersected by scores of elated, victorious warriors! The Publix Women’s Run had dominated the lower half of the park, flowing out onto the large grassy fields. Many runners conquered personal battles, some ran arm in arm together, while others were support units cheering triumphantly at the finish line.

Brightly clothed to show their inner spirit and adorned with medal laden ribbons on their necks proudly displaying “Finisher!

I shared a reciprocated smile with one athletic lady who also wore a ribbon announcing she was the “birthday princess!” Maybe an tribute, a badge signaling a year’s struggle overcome? I don’t know, but the joy jumped up a notch when a fellow olympian came into view.

Clearly these two knew the each other victories. Their shirts said it best:

She believed she could, so she did!

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