Everyone loves a Little Rock N Roll music! More than 15,000 runners from 50 states and 15 different countries converged on my city for the Savannah Marathon & Half Marathon, 5K and 1 mile. Historic Savannah became a time-warp of musical stylings that spanned decades. From classic rock to metal, even the doo wop girl bands of the 50’s and 60’s. I didn’t run but was out there camera in hand.

Over 25 local bands played along the route and with a featured band to end the race at Forsyth Park. I even saw runners channeling the spirit of Elvis and America!



  1. oh wow that really is a big event, thanks for sharing it!

    Where I lived previously they used to have the big marathons, triathalons and surf championships … I miss the beach but not the crowds :)

    1. Author

      I live downtown Historic Savannah, Georgia. There is always an event happening downtown. Roads closed, routes marked. But would not like live anywhere else. Walking to most everything and leaving the car parked.

    2. sounds like magic to me Robert … I tend to prefer rural quiet or inner city excitement and you certainly have the later!

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