Another hot day in Savannah, Georgia. Another walk to our favorite local health foods store, Brighter Day. As usual on any given Saturday in downtown Savannah, local health enthusiasts and strangely enough some folks that are not familiar with Forsyth Park have converged on this location for the weekly farmers market. This means walking an extra distance to Brighter Day than we would like to.

Of course I took full advantage of this time as an opportunity for iPhone photography. Walking a few blocks I notice a sleeping cat on a porch. Nestled under the frame of an outdoor couch or such. I walked by only later seeing him still curled up in the same spot after my shopping. (See previous post) What surprised my next was another cat just lying out on top of a trash can. Not sleeping, merely laid out on his side. Yes it was hot out, about 97 degrees real feel, which had to translate into “too hot!” for any animal outdoors! This must have been a cool-enough spot because he was not moving even as I greeted him taking photos as I got closer.

I did think the plastic trash can should be very hot but I’m sure he would know better than I if it was uncomfortable. Not appearing to be in any distress at all I decided not to bother him, even though he was so cute.


  1. Love the rich colors in both the cat and can – the greens and depth

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