Thursday Doors: Irish Door

I love Savannah because I can find doors like this one! Savannah loves the Irish!

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In time for Saint Patrick’s Day.

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No Facilities Thursday Doors

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  1. That is a stunning entrance. I don’t see black doors very often, but they always make a nice impression. The contrast of the bras hardware and the shamrocks is a very nice touch.

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  2. I’m sorry if this is a duplicate, I’ve been having WordPress issues today.

    Thanks for sharing this stunning entrance. I don’t see many black doors, but they always have a certain appeal. I love the contrast of the brass hardware and the shamrocks.

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  3. The dogs look very Irish with their green hats and ribbons. Great photo, greetings from Ireland, where no Patrick’s Day parades have taken place in two years due to lockdowns.

    1. Author

      Greetings Jean! So sad about no parades! Everyone needs a parade or two. Savannah has been one of the largest St. Pat’s parades in the US but ours was also canceled the last two years.

  4. I’m not sure if my first comment went through but what I said was those dogs look great with their green hats and ribbons. Love the colour of that door, too. Greetings from Ireland.

    1. Author

      Yes Jean! I am double lucky for receiving two comments straight from Ireland! Your comments are enjoyed and appreciated. I have been to Ireland once with the US Army and had my first (real) Guinness there. We were only allowed to have 2 beers at the time. Ha!

    2. Only two beers? At least you got the opportunity to try a Guinness on its home turf, lol.

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