Thoughtful Thursday

Thanksgiving evening, we find ourselves walking along the Savannah River Riverwalk. The golden sun set begins to transform the sky and the Westin reflects the beauty of the moment. Magical! Talk about things to be thankful for!

Savannah River and sunsets.

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  1. I dig your photography, have you always been digital or did you use a film camera back in the day ?

    1. Author

      Hey thanks! I did start with film “back in the Day” (Ha!). I used a Canon back then and now I alternate between a Canon, a Nikon and my iPhone 12 Pro Max.

    2. I mean who hasn’t used film ? I guess anyone born in the mid 90’s. I miss the use of film. I had a Pentax in the 80’s and 90’s. Graduated to a Canon D 15 (essentially a prosumer point and shoot) never spent the bucks to go DSLR. Funny with technology, my phone takes crisper pictures.

  2. wow this is so surreal it looks more like a detailed painting than a photo … great shot Robert!

    1. Author

      Thank you so much! It was a beautiful evening!

    2. so glad you have a loving partner to share it with!

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