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Dear Daniel,

Why am I writing this letter? I don’t know… I guess I’m feeling kinda… down, left-out-in-the-rain. You know, weathered!

Remember…?  Those times felt safe, free, FUN as you were riding up and down the drive way being pulled by your Abu?

Remember…? As you and your little brother rode in the school Halloween parade, proudly displaying your favorite costumes?

Remember…? One day you chose to sit on a bike, learning to peddle. 4 wheels guided steadily by Mom, then 2 wheels wobbling on you own, now riding confident, leaving my sure 4 wheels and painted red sides in the garage?

Remember…? Do you remember? That day you thought to pull me out and play in the yard.  Around the house we went, then a drop of rain, then a steady downpour and you forgot to bring me inside.  It’s ok. I’m steel, rubber and wood, rugged, all-terrain!  Made of all the tough stuff so you can enjoy me for years.  Strangely, though I find myself still here, outside amongst the bushes, moss and dried out withered leaves.  Still on my side, slightly rusted and color faded.

Daniel, it’s a sunny day. Come outside and play! Set me upright, brush off the sandy dirt, get my 4 rubber tires on solid ground and run down the driveway… together… again!

I’m here.

Love always,

Your Radio Flyer!


  1. Abu here. I had forgotten about that wagon! Such a wonderful way to remember parts of early childhood.

  2. I had a Radio Flyer. What good weathered memories those days bring back – no TV, no smart phones, no interstates, neighborhood grocery and barber shop, local dairy ice cream cones and milk shakes, walking to school by yourself, …………

    1. Author

      I love how we each have the power to invoke the good memories in others that enrich our own lives! I have fond memories of living inner city Baltimore and playing on old cobblestone roads (you probably guessed I’m 50 yrs old) Going up and down the sidewalks with my cousins in our shared radio flyer that stayed at grandma’s house. Sadly I have no photos of that more perfect (preferred) time.

  3. Beautiful post! So sweet you remembered those stories! 😊

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